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Rhode Island: Lawful Gun Owners Spared This Year

Ocean State gun owners got a reprieve this session as the Legislature recessed its regular 2023 session without a significant gun bill passing.  After passing a magazine ban last year, anti-gun politicians were more determined than ever to pass a semi-auto “assault weapon” ban this year.

One of the other bad bills being pushed by gun grabbers was a bill to require mandatory storage.  Neither bill advanced as the final gavel dropped this week.  In the wake of last year’s Bruen decision, courts across the country have been flooded with Second Amendment challenges to these type of anti-gun laws passed by anti-gun states.  Despite the good news in Providence this week, we fully expect that the gun control zealots will be back again next session.

Thank you to all the NRA members who contacted their legislators and made trips to the Statehouse.  Please continue to follow these NRA-ILA alerts for the latest information.


NRA-ILA: Institute for Legislative Action
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Senate Hearing Alert!

Published 04/23/2023

Senate Hearings Tuesday, April 25 at 3:00pm

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Email:  SenateJudiciary@rilegislature.gov

Must include: your name, bill number and viewpoint (for/against/neither).

Email testimony must be received by 3:00pm Tuesday to be sent to committee members and be included in the records.

  1. Show up to the State House on Tuesday anytime after 2:00pm to sign in.  We will have sheets to sign up if you want to testify and sheets to sign your opposition or support for bills.

Here is a cheat sheet of where we stand:

Good: 123  337  346  348  350  354  355  356  383  394  626  639  

BAD:  133  134  321  325  363  379  645  647  743  744  929  


Here is the agenda so you can read the bills:

agenda-18562.pdf (rilegislature.gov)


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